Defined as: the moment you are thrown out of your house along with your running shoes, headphones and favorite playlist, and told not to come back until you have run out the snappy, overall B mood that you are in. So, you put on those tennis shoes, blare those jams and hit the pavement. The next thing you know you are air drumming to your favorite tune, or smiling because the song that reminds you of when your three-year-old had a mullet and was galloping around the house to said song comes on. Whatever it may be, all sudden you are lost in the music and the fresh air hitting your lungs, and all things that were stressful, that made you instantly upset, or the mood that you felt you couldn’t swim out of just disappeared. You are drenched in sweat and you are back to your happy place. Like Elle Woods said “working out gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy….” and a good run is sometimes all we need. So, if any of this resonates with you don’t grab that Snickers, grab those shoes and do everyone a favor because let’s be honest you rungry not hangry!

You’re probably curious how this post came to be. Well guess what, I’m gonna tell ya! BAZINGA…..

So, this morning was our 2nd 12-4-12. I had one hell of a week at work with early mornings, late evenings, etc. On top of it all, I had battelled an awesome cold. I call it the karma cold for giving the hubs grief when he rocked it the week before and I repeatedly stated “You just have a man cold, take some ibuprofen and suck it up.”  Said cold kind of kicked back to the hubs, so the good night sleep I had so desired was disrupted by obnoxiously loud snoring, that no matter if on the back, on the side, or on the tummy, didn’t go away. AWESEOME!!! I guess you could say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything the hubs said to me I just got more and more annoyed, anxious, or blah about. I finally just said “yo let’s do this run that is probably going to be my worst one yet given the week I had, and then we can talk.” I know I hurt his feelings and I hate when I do that. It is not who I am 97.8% of the time, but I am not perfect, and since I know the hubs will love me no matter what, he tends to get the brunt of my moods- sorry my heart!!

Well the race started, and the best song to start off with poured into my ears (24K gold – Bruno Mars _ LOVES HIM WISH I WAS GOING TO HIS CONCERT IN AUGUST – BOO TO NOT GOING TO HIS CONCERT IN AUGUST (yes caps was necessary there). I hit the pavement and I ran. I ran and I thought about why I was in a bad mood. I knew after the race I would feel 100% better. I just needed to run and I needed to get lost in the music. Suddenly it hit me- sh*t; I was suffering from being RUNGRY. I wasn’t hungry for food, I was hungry for a good sweat, a good safe zone where my thoughts turned into memories of my family and why I run; you know the whole being healthy for them so I am here to experience this wonderful world as long as possible kind of thing. Running is my outlet, my happy place, my way to consume the wine and sweets I love so much.

That my friends is why you are reading this today and why the rungry is a true life situation.

Now, one more thing….be sure to eat a well-balanced meal after said rungry run because if you’re anything like me, your metabolism is like “HOLD THE PHONE GIRLFRIEND” and is going like 1,000 miles an hour. If you don’t have a yummy protein shake that you can mix with almond milk and PB2 (like how I snuck in a recipe) then make sure you fill up on other protein greatness. Otherwise, you will become HANGRY, and then you’re on your own with that one!

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