Hi – I am Brie! I am a working momma with two sweet baby girls and married to the man of my dreams. I am a health and fitness geek that likes to take Pinterest recipes and make them more “working mom friendly” and or “that shit had too many ingredients- let’s try this”. This blog is my outlet to share said recipes as well as just lil nuggets on the life I live. Please know that I am 100% aware that I have grammar issues, I write like I talk, and yes I do use a lot of exclamation marks!!! I am an excited person- it is what I do! All I can say is that at least I know my flaws, I own up to them, and you can criticize if you want….but that is just mean and in that case you are a person that is just being mean! Thank you for being here, hope you enjoy the reads.

*Photo courtesy of Harlow+Gray photography. Kasey is an extremely talented photographer that captured our lil family so beautifully when our second daughter joined us. I adore the portraits and will treasure them always!