So it all began with a Jell-O cake….true story….. Nothing hard, but when I would bring it to work it went like wild fire. A buddy of mine, TabTab, just loved it. He loved it so much that when he got married to one of the greatest people ever, Jo, he asked me to make it as his Grooms cake. Jo then took it a step further and asked “Have you ever made a wedding cake?” to which I responded, “No, but challenge accepted!” It is funny how this went from a sweet innocent Jell-O cake to now a little side hobby- call it a hobby because honestly it is fun for me and I don’t charge hardly anything so making money is not its purpose- thus can not be called a side job. I honestly love making cakes. I love seeing lil ones have their faces all smashed up in it, or when brides report back saying how much their guests enjoyed the special day treat. I love how just something as simple as cake can make someones day. More pictures of my work will be scattered about this site, but inquires are requested to be submitted through the “Contact” page, or feel free to visit me on Facebook (

*This beautiful picture of a cake I had the privilege of creating was by the oh so talented Rebecca ‘Peters’ Haas ( Looking for someone to capture the true innocence, beauty, and joy of you and your family? Then don’t hesitate to check her out- she is truly a gem!